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Terra Loop

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There’s an epic quest for all great explorers!

It’s a race to find amazing ancient artefacts. You have to travel across the world collecting priceless ancient currency - the TOLAR. Beware of your opponents, they’re looking to steal all your wealth! This is a treasure hunt of the greatest scale!

Terra Loop is a roll, move and collect gateway game to get kids excited about something as boring as maths operations. As you traverse the different worlds you're constantly collecting TOLAR at designated checkpoints. However other players can easily claim your "unsaved" TOLAR off you if they land on the same position as you. But, once you reach HOME all your "unsaved" TOLAR is instantly converted to "saved" TOLAR which cannot be stolen by opponents! There are special crossroads that act as multipliers and traps as well an extra dice to gain maximum TOLAR. Kids end up doing all the math without even realising it!

Terra Loop takes your entire family on an adventure like never before. Your kids will never look at learning the same way after this fantasy educational experience. See them master operations with numbers and money right before your eyes!

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