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Take Care of Polar Bears

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Korea, Republic Of

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Take Care of Polar Bears is a serious game with a theme of the ecological crisis of polar bears caused by climate change. The North Pole glaciers continue to melt due to global
warming. The polar bears can no longer stay in one place and must move to find new glaciers.
As the glacier disappears, however, polar bears must move larger distances, cannot get enough food, and thus, suffer a great crisis. The players become polar bears, who have to
overcome virus and disease, escape from pursuit of Inuit, and arrive at Greenland as quickly as possible.
Due to the global climate change, polar bears are struggling to survive. They have to cross melting glaciers, escape from hunters and seek safety in Greenland. This game begins
with showing one card among three cards in the player’s hand. Play cards consist of Move cards with polar bears, Energy cards with huff seals, and Hunter cards with offending polar bears. As playing these cards, the glaciers begin to melt. The polar bear that passes on the melting glacier lose energy tokens. Build the best itinerary and strategy, and help endangered polar
bears to save their lives.