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Sussed - All Sorts

Sussed? All Sorts

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United Kingdom

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SUSSED ALL SORTS is a family friendly, feel good quiz game about you and the other players.  It's based on what you think you know about each other and is certain to start conversations about what you don't!  As you read aloud a series of real and hypothetical scenarios, you'll be given choices to make.  What will you decide?  What will others say?  To play, you pick a card, read aloud a scenario, then secretly choose which of 3 options is right for you.  Ask others which option they think you went for before telling them our answer.  Whoever susses you out scores!

With Sussed All Sorts have fun swapping views on what you’d say if you could speak to animals;  what theme you’d choose for a fancy dress party; what you feel is the best quality in a friend;  what you think about weeing in the sea - and much, much more. 
The aim of Sussed is make it easy for people to get to know each other better and enjoy the health benefits of face-to-face conversation.  It’s based on sussing out players’ reactions to different scenarios designed to spark imaginations, stir up emotions and get people thinking.  A scenario consists of a question and three options to choose from.  Play starts as soon as everyone has a scenario card, a score sheet and something to write with.  One player reads aloud a scenario, keeping their answer to themselves.  The other players suss out how the reader has answered using their powers of reason and intuition.  Everyone talks about who said what and why, recording their scores before the next players’ turn.