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Super Motherload

Super Motherload - IG Awards 2017

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You have been chosen to lead an elite crew of Pod pilots who will delve below the surface of Mars in Solarus Corporation's first major drilling expedition. Super Motherload is a tile-laying deck-building game, which means that you have your own deck of cards from which you draw each turn. The cards in your deck start out very basic, but over the course of the game you add new and more powerful cards to it. You use these cards to bomb and drill minerals and other bonuses from the game board. You then use the minerals you've collected as money to purchase better cards for your deck. Some cards give you an immediate bonus when you purchase them, and some give you other bonuses when you use them to drill. Each card you purchase from your library is worth victory points (VPs). You can also gain VPs from achievement cards that become available throughout the game. Whoever has the most VPs at the end of the game wins.

1. What does the game involve?        

Players begin with a simple deck and use cards in it to drill or bomb resources on the map (represented by laying tunnel tiles on top of the resources in question). They collect the resources they have covered and use them to buy better cards for their deck. These cards have bonuses that take effect when bought and/or when played. A handful of video-game style Achievements are always available for players to claim (similar to side quests) which are also worth points at the end of the game. As the resources on each board are claimed, new boards appear, “scrolling” the game downward, and old ones are removed. Once the last Artifact tile on the 4th board is claimed, the game ends.

2. What skills can you build/gain from the game?

Super Motherload is very good for geometric reasoning and problem solving. It will also practice your basic math skills.

3. What's your favourite tactic or are there any tricks you can teach us?

Since you can spend actions to draw cards instead of drilling or bombing, it can often be better to store up a handful of options and then use them for an epic turn of combinations, instead of drilling a little bit every turn.

4. Do you have any funny/heartwarming stories about a game of Super Motherload?

Matt Tolman’s first game design, Undermining (Z-Man Games), was inspired by a video game called Motherload by Xgen Studios. The people at Xgen discovered Undermining and liked it, so when they created their sequel, Super Motherload, they contacted Matt to see if he wanted to make a game officially based on it. Roxley usually gets a few good-natured comments and messages per month pointing out to us that the word “lode” is spelled L-O-D-E… we expect this to continue forever, but we had to match the spelling of the original video game.