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Sum Fun

Sum Fun - IG Awards 2017

Best Maths Game Award: 


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United Kingdom

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Use the tiles you have picked up to make SUMs! Once all of the tiles are out, the winner is the first person to use all of their tiles to make valid SUMs. Everybody plays the game at the same time, there is no waiting around for another player to take their turn as each person makes their own SUMs independently from one another.

Here's what David Bullen, creator of Sum Fun had to say about the game!

1. What or who inspired you to start your gaming journey and why?

Sum Fun would never have been invented were it not for my initial love of numbers, enthusiasm to play games and passion to educate my children! It was during 2014 that I had my “Eureka” moment. I was away with friends and family and we had been playing Scrabble. Whilst I enjoyed playing word based games, I realised that as an accountant I would much prefer playing a numbers based game. I therefore wondered if I could find a tiles game which was numbers based, quick to play and suitable for children. I couldn’t, so I set about devising my own game - Sum Fun!

2. What skills can you build/gain from the game? 

It improves your maths and number skills. It helps with the understanding of BIDMAS rules, improves mental agility, problem solving skills and above all allows people to have fun with numbers which in turn builds confidence!  A very important life skill…

3. What's your favourite tactic or are there any tricks you can teach us? 

If you are lucky enough to pick up one of the joker tiles that can be a game changer! If you are able to hold onto a joker tile until you reach the latter stages of the game, that will help greatly as all players race to be the first to use all of their tiles to complete their sums.

4. Do you have any funny/heartwarming stories about a game of Sum Fun? 

Plenty of stories about younger children finding different uses for the game! – from the tiles being used as treasure or even snowflakes and being thrown all over the place – but at least they’re still having Sum Fun!