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United Kingdom

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Sproutword is a new word strategy game for 2 - 4 players that you can play on any flat surface. The aim is to take control of the longest word by having more of your colour letters in it than any other player. This word is called the Sproutword. As the game progresses, different words will become the Sproutword as players jostle for strategic control. 

‘Sproutword’ involves creating a network of words using wooden tiles of up to four different colours. The longest word in play is called the Sproutword and the object of the game is to gain control the Sproutword by having more of your colour tiles in it than any other player. All tiles in play remain visible to all players at all times, and any player can choose to use their opponents tiles if they wish.

During play, tiles in any word can be switched to another colour by changing or extending the word (eg by pluralising or adding pre/suffixes), or by forming another word placed across it - enabling that player to switch the colour of the letter where the two words intersect. During the game the Sproutword will change as players create new longer words or where existing Sproutwords become ‘neutralised’ (by having an equal quantity of two or more coloured tiles in it). The game ends when any player plays their turn but has no tiles left in their bag, and at that time whoever controls the Sproutword is the winner!