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Smarty Genes

Smarty Genes - IG Awards

Best Family Game Award: 


Best Literacy Game Award: 


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United Kingdom

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Smarty Genes brings advanced imagination and learning through play. Comprising of 38 blocks with 184 colourful, simple yet advanced educational images! Smarty Genes from OmniGENEius, is a brand new wooden block playset that allows children to learn, grow and explore while playing. The blocks are decorated with imaginative images that breathe life and logic into every block, introducing children to intelligent concepts in a concise, accessible and enjoyable way.

Smarty Genes encourages play and learning, with the aim of expanding the IQ level of younger generations. This set contains 27 high quality wooden blocks that each show six different educational images, along with 11 other shapes showing two images each. Collectively, this give 184 unique, colourful images to play with, which will capture, excite and encourage children's curiosity for hours on end.

The key features of Smarty Genes are:

  • 10 simple yet advanced patterns and textures that encourage geometrical learning and logic development
  • The concept of mazes, family, tangrams/composite shapes with encouraging and motivating aspects.
  • Letters and numbers in jigsaw puzzles, providing integrated play and the learning of concepts.
  • A combination of the playground with science and logic, machines, people & animals.
  • Building the inside of a home and dwelling within it - in your own mind!
  • An introduction to 'Green' and 'Eco' concepts.
  • Prepositions of motion, opposites and action verbs, pairs and associations.
  • Enables players to use these blocks to build their own colourful architecture or designs.