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Sensor Ghosts

Sensor Ghosts

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United Kingdom

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You have escaped the space station and crazed computer in Assembly and now you must guide your ship back to Earth. However there is an asteroid field between you and Earth plus the station’s computer has hacked you navigation systems so not everything is as it seems…

Sensor Ghosts is a solo or cooperative moving maze and hidden information puzzle game for 1-4 players. It’s quick to learn, fast and highly replayable. It thematically follows on the story where Assembly left off, but is a completely standalone game.

Navigating through the ever moving asteroid belt and collecting a virus sample requires planning, strategic thinking and perhaps even a bit of luck, however not everything is as it seems – you must create a safe path in order to safely return to Earth.

Working alone or with your fellow escapees, time is of the essence but you must use your fuel wisely else you will become stranded, or worse, blown up by an asteroid.

  • A short but highly challenging cooperative puzzle tabletop board game for 1-4 players that leaves you wanting more, with victory being a very much shared experience – without your friends you will certainly die in space.
  • You must collect a virus sample whilst navigating your ship through an asteroid field, however your sensors have been hacked and not everything is as it seems. You must carefully plan your route, but first you must uncover it. Each turn is as simple as play a card, do what it says, draw a card. Sounds easy? The gameplay is but the solution isn’t; space is forever moving so timing through careful planning is essential else you may find yourself flying straight into an asteroid and death.
  • Perfect gift for gamers and non-gamers alike. Sensor Ghosts is an ideal present for anyone who likes a puzzles such as sudoku lovers, maths whizzes, scientists, engineers or anyone else who likes a good problem to solve.
  • Suitable for ages 10+. Easy to learn and you can change the difficulty to suit your needs. Layout variants add both variety and difficulty.
  • A small box packed full of challenge, ideal for playing at home or when on the move.

Sensor Ghosts funded on Kickstarter in July 2019 and was launched to retail in Spring 2020