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Seekers Of Astrod

Seekers of Astrod

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Seekers of Astrod – The Story

It is the year 2112, and planets from various galaxies are trying to better one another in the quest to find the planet that holds the miraculous element Astrod. It is up to you all, the chosen Seekers from various galaxies to solve clues and be the first one to find Astrod.


Seekers of Astrod is a fun deduction game where players uncover and solve clues to be the first one to find the planet with Astrod. The unique circular game board has 16 planets and one of them houses Astrod.

Players move around the circular Board collecting clues and coins. All movements and special actions are performed using cards. The clues are viewed discreetly by each player and these are then solved to narrow down and find the correct planet. Based on the players’ strategy and the progress of the other players in the game, each player can decide whether to collect all the clues, or to just take a guess after collecting a few. In order to establish the presence of Astrod in a Planet, the players need to rent the Magnetic Booster using coins and place it on the potential planet. If the Magnetic Booster gets attracted to the planet, the finding or guess is correct and that player wins! If the booster does not get attracted, the finding or guess is incorrect, and the player needs to rent the booster and try again. This game also has team game variations for those who love teaming up.

The game is reset by simply spinning the two boards. When the boards are spun, voilà, the clues change and so does the planet holding Astrod.

Greatly exercises Cognitive Skills including Strategizing, Deductive Reasoning, Problem Solving, Sustained Attention or Focus, Observation, and Logical Thinking among many.