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Second Chance

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This is a game for players who love to find the best possible solution to a problem. Every player starts with a board with the size of 9x9 tiles and an individual starting card. Now the players need to draw the figure depicted on the card to their board. Each round two new cards with different figures will be drawn. The players need to copy one of them to their personal board. If a player is not able to do that, he will get a Second Chance – an additional card with a new figure. If this fits to the personal board, the game continues. If not, the player loses the game. Who will fill his board to the maximum?

Second Chance is a quick drawing game by bestseller-author Uwe Rosenberg which works with an intuitive card-mechanism. Whenever a player has difficulties he has the possibility to save the round. With that kind of thrill, puzzling is even more fun.

The game involves many aspects of puzzling. The limited space on the board and the ever changing figures make every game different.  The players need to fit all the figures which are drawn to their personal board. To do so, they need logical thinking and a very good spatial sense. With the Second Chance there is also the element of tactics involved. Maybe the next card fits even better to your plan?