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United Kingdom

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A fascinating prediction game where correct calls win you points – you’ve seen what cards have gone, so you know the odds right? Do you play, or pass and give the next player something to think about? Get it wrong and there are penalties. Get it right and you’re on a roll. You do know when to stop don’t you?

36 cards. Players call whether the next card is higher or lower. Simple to learn, but a shrewder game than you think. One point for each correct call. 15 points wins the game. Players may pass their turn but pay a penalty. Players can lose points too. The number chart shows exactly what cards have been played. So very suitable for juniors and seniors alike. A Push Your Luck mechanic with constant dilemma and lots of banter. The only game in the world where players on low points get extra turns to catch up. The only game in the world where any player can win outright at any time, from the first turn onwards.