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United Kingdom

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Can you be crowned King of the Beach?

Each player is aiming to create the biggest and best sandcastles they can before the Big Wave ends the game.

Sandcastles can be built from cards showing crabs, seagulls and buckets in any combination and any size and shape. By playing one card per turn you can add to your sandcastle, or attack other players to steal parts of theirs.

Once a sandcastle is complete you gain points for it which are counted at the end of the game and you could earn bonuses if the sandcastle matches any of the shape cards, content cards or if it’s the biggest castle or has the tallest tower of seagulls. But beware – you only keep the bonuses until someone else matches or beats you and takes it away as theirs.

Sandcastles is a quick to learn fast-paced game where you have to keep a very close eye on your opponents. Do you add to your castle, or attack and risk losing points?

In April 2016 Sandcastles won the prestigious Griffie Award for Best Card Game at Conpulsion, Scotland’s Longest running sci-fi and gaming convention.

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