Ridiculous Angler

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“Ridiculous Angler” is a fun fast pace memory training card game for children and whole family. It helps activate brain function and is based on the theory of neural plasticity. The game proceeds in four steps: 1) memorising 2) speedy fishing 3) remembering and separating 4) scoring.

Place a deck with Goal cards face down in the middle of the table. Spread Fish cards face up around the deck in a free manner, but so that all players can easily reach these cards by hands. This field will be the “ocean”. In the beginning of the game, each player will receive an individual fishnet card with a unique set of five different types of fish. All players will have 20 seconds (or less, if agreed) to memorize their own five types of fish. Once the time is up, all players must flip their fishnet cards face down and keep them that way until scoring.

Players will take turns by revealing a Goal card with a specific type of fish. Once the goal card is revealed, all players try to catch Fish cards with the same type of fish from the ocean. Try to catch fish cards as fast as you can and as much as you can. When all Goal cards are revealed, the fishing step ends.

Then each player will separate the fish cards they caught into two piles: “Catch” (these should match with the fishnet card) and “Release” (the fish that is not in your fishnet card, or you are not sure). Once done with separation, players can then open their Fishnet cards and compare with their catch. For each card in the “Release” pile the player will receive 1 (one) point. For each card in the “Catch” that matches the player’s Fishnet card - 2 (two) points, but if the card doesn’t match - 0 (zero) point. The player with the highest score is the winner!

The names of the fish are written in ‘Korean’, but even if you cannot read ‘Korean’, it is OK, there will be no difficulty in playing the game. Just remember the images of fish on Fishnet and Goal cards, then find Fish cards with matching images.

Regarding recommended age: Ridiculous Angler was developed and published in Korea in 2016. At the time of release in 2016, the player age was marked 14 years and older. However, since 2019 the Taiwan and Chinese version of the game is being published, and the player age has been lowered to 6 years and older. Therefore, we recommend this game for 6 years and older.

“Ridiculous Angler” involves with fishing theme, so that young anglers can learn about different types of fish. Some types of fish look very similar to each other, so sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart. Simple rules, friendly design and casual play make it easy to enjoy with all family, regardless of age.

“Ridiculous Angler” is an ultimate brain training game for memory, attention, concentration and fast reaction. It is also good for kids to train communication and social coping skills. But not only kids! It is also fun for adults, and especially great for grandmas and grandpas, who are beginning to suffer memory difficulties.

Be sure to memorize your five types of fish well and do not let the hustle of the fishing step to wipe your memory off. There are different tactics. You can use your “photographic memory” if you are good at it, so that the image of your Fishnet card reappears in your eyes during the separation step, or you can instantly remind yourself the five types of fish during 

fishing step by finding the same types of fish in the ocean in advance and preparing to catch them before others.

When we play “Ridiculous Angler” at schools or kindergartens in Korea, we are always worried how children will handle the situation when several players grab the same fish card at the same time. Will they fight? Will they tear the card apart? Especially because the competition gets tougher towards the end of the game. However, we never had such issues, children find their way – they play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to decide who will take the card. It is so heartwarming to see how children can find peaceful ways and train communication skills with “Ridiculous Angler”.