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Pass the Bomb Junior

Pass the Bomb Junior - IG Awards 2017

Best Family Game Award: 


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United Kingdom

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Children will easily recognise the familiar scenes on each card and taking it in turns, they must say a word that would fit into the picture and pass the Bomb to the next player before it explodes! Turn over a picture of a sandy beach and ‘bucket and spade’ would be a good answer. With a random timer, children will squeal with excitement as they frantically think of an answer before the ticking Bomb explodes. Hilarious fun for all the family and educational too!

1. What does the game involve? 

Based on the same concept as Pass the Bomb, where a ticking bomb is passed round the players as each try to get rid of it as quickly as possible, Pass the Bomb Junior comes with picture cards rather than cards with letters on. Each player will have to come up with a word that can be logically associated with the scene on their card before they can pass the bomb on to the next player. Think fast, or you might explode!

2. What skills can you build/gain from the game? 

The game has an obvious focus on vocabulary and word association. In addition, it requires children to think and respond quickly with words logically connected to the picture in front of them, allowing them to practice articulation and thinking on their feet.

3. What's your favourite tactic or are there any tricks you can teach us? 

Try to throw your opponents off by coming up with challenging or funny words as quickly as you can, while making sure they can be connected to the picture on the card, of course!

4. Do you have any funny/heartwarming stories about a game of Pass the Bomb Junior? 

Amusingly, a story about a copy of Pass the Bomb Junior being confiscated at an airport made it into the national papers. It’s laughable, of course, because the “bomb” is so clearly a toy and not a danger to anyone!