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Ominoes - IG Game Awards

Best Family Game Award: 


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United Kingdom

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Ominoes is a dice tactics game for everyone. Players aim to collect groups of 4 or more of their favoured Egyptian God symbol – Apep the snake, Horus the falcon, Khepri the beetle or Ra the sun. Each turn a player rolls an Ominoe – the face it shows means the player moves a matching Ominoe on the board 3 spaces and then the rolled Ominoe is placed. So, roll a snake, move a snake, add a snake. You can be moving your own plies, or your opponents! If you roll Yay-Ra you can move any Ominoe and if you roll the serpent, Ominotep, then you choose an Ominoe, re-roll it and place it back on the  board. Ominoes is another of YAY Games ‘2 turns to learn’ games. Simple to pick up, seconds to set up and proving a hit with families and gamers looking for something light but challenging. 

The thing people really seem to love is cheerfully placing opponents’ Ominoes as far apart as they possibly can, and then acting all innocent. Well, the game made them do it. It’s great to see young players faces light up when they see the chance to ruin the plans of grown-ups. But hey, that’s why we make the games we do – so long as what happens in the game, stays in the game!

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