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Officer Teddy

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Mastering Maths is now easy!

Is your child afraid of maths? Do you find it difficult to get your kids to study? Worry no more!

After more than 18 months of research and testing with over 1000 parents, Luma World has launched a range of affordable and engaging products to help kids zoom ahead in maths! Our innovative flashcards are sold in over 20 countries and have proved to improve mathematical ability.

It's a great tool to get kids to enjoy learning as it is entirely game-based. They can be used to learn new concepts or revise and recall previously acquired knowledge. Each set contains 40 cards which are numbered in increasing order of difficulty and an additional 10 application cards for advanced learning, including competitive exams like Olympiads.

The best part? It's the Magic GlassTM! A unique toy lens that turns kids into super math detectives and reveals hidden answers on the cards, simulating a treasure hunt for kids. Now kids can learn and play like never before! And you can be a part of their all-round development!

Officer Teddy flashcards include all learning objectives of Standard Geometry, Shapes and Patterns.

Academic skills: Learn about different shapes, patterns, tangrams and tessellation, and gain knowledge on map reading and symmetry.

Life skills: Improve mental maths, problem solving and reasoning along with data interpretation.

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