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NumBugz is game platform with a variety of fun family games for you to play at home or to take on your travels – it’s Bugz of fun. There are now 13 different games you can play with the NumBugz game platform and more to come. The games range in difficulty & complexity, from age 4+, for 2-6 players and they take between 5-30 minutes to play.

NumBugz offers such a wide range of games, many of which can be tailored to a player’s ability (e.g using “spares” and different functions for Colonyz, using different numbers of Bugz in Whotz)

NumBugz offers a wide range of games, many of which are focused on maths related activities – e.g. Colonyz, 25z, SumBugz, Bondz, Colonyz Mini, Snakez etc. NumBugz is a key component of PLYTIME tutoring as it offers games that can help with counting, number recognition, number bondz, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions

NumBugz offers a wide range of very different games that challenge players in many different ways (e.g. Colonyz is not just about maths, it is also involves strategy when deciding how many Bugz to turn, Pairz is a fairly standard memory game whilst Memorize is a memory game with a difference, Legionz is a strategy game, Whotz is a game asking players to describe numbers etc.)

NumBugz is a little bag full of many different fun family games for you to play at home or to take on your travels. It’s a game platform with over 13 games to play and there are even more to come. The games are designed for 2-6 players and take between 5-30 minutes to play. It’s Bugz of fun for everyone!

Inside the bag there are 6 families of 25 Bugz and a 30 second timer.  With these little Bugz you can play a choice of 13 different games that range in difficulty and complexity - number games, memory games, logic games, strategy games and quick fun games

Skills you can build/gain from the game? maths, probability, strategy, taking turns, concentration, memory, speed of thought. Tactics depend on the game being played – for example with Legionz if you create a loop you can use strategy and choose to move another Bug anywhere else to improve your chances of winning.

Each of the NumBugz families has a name & a character, which children love hearing about whilst they play.  Children all have a favourite family that they often choose to play with or collect which encourages them to play the games and be the best that they can be. The Bugz characters have all been brought to life in the Lollopers series of books.

Green Grasshopper – Jumpgobbler

Red Stag Beetle – Stagster

Blue Woodlouse – Woodie

Yellow Wasp – Stinger

Pink Ant – Antony

Purple Spider - Webley