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The volcano on the Greek island Nisyros is waking up! Several big eruptions will completely cover the island with lava. The inhabitants need to flee from the island by building boats. They can slow down the flow of lava by building dams. However, with each new eruption the dams might break under the pressure so the lava will continue flowing down.

We need wood for building boats, stone for building dams and wheat to feed the workers. These three resources can be harvested on the volcano slopes. The upper fields render the highest yield, but these will soon be covered with lava.

Sometimes the workers take huge risks to gather enough resources.

Will we succeed in saving the inhabitants before the island is fully covered with lava? NISYROS is a dynamic strategy game that keeps its tension throughout the game due to its surprising events. It is easy to learn and the challenge level can be raised step by step. This makes the game suitable for both casual gamers and game freaks.

CONTENTS: game board consisting of 25 parts, 40 wooden play figures, 7 special dice, 3 resource matrices, 32 boats, 32 dams, 25 event cards, game rules.