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Mystic Arts

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Discover the world of magic and become the master of spells, in India's first tabletop game on measurements and conversion of units!

Use magical ingredients along with unique spells to cleverly outwit other wizards and witches. Leave everyone spellbound with your wizardry and rule the supernatural world!

Mystic Arts is an amazing game of strategy, decision making and planning all woven together with exceptional twists. Use it as the ideal family entertainer for quality time spent at home, to help young learners acquire essential skills and moral values or during action packed game-nights with your friends. No matter the setting, there's a magical experience at every turn!


How to Play:

All novice wizards and witches are in a quest to collect ancient magic potions! For this they will duel amongst each other and stake their claim! Each duel to collect a Potion Card is split into two rounds - an Ingredient Round and a Spell Round.

Ingredient Round

1. Open the top card from the Potion Card deck. The round begins.
2. From your Hand Cards, select an Ingredient Card and compare it to the value on the Potion Card. Remember, you must compare the same units of measurement only!
3. For. e.g. 3,600 mm is comparable to 3.4 m (which equals 3,400 mm) and can’t be used for 3.6 kg (which equals 3,600 g)! Don’t forget to convert the units.
4. Each player must call out the difference between the value of their Ingredient Card and the corresponding value on the Potion Card.
5. Once this is complete, the spell round begins. Leave the Ingredient Cards face up in front of you.

Spell Round

1. You must now select and place one Spell Card, face down, next to your played Ingredient Card. It is NOT necessary to play a Spell Card and you may pass.
2. Now, the Spell Cards are opened one at a time, starting with the player who has the player token and moving in a clockwise direction. When you open a Spell Card perform the action mentioned on it immediately before moving to the next player. Tip: Attached Spell Cards stick to the Ingredient Card they are played for, while others do not.
3. Spell Cards may have altered the Ingredient Cards of players. So, once again the ingredient values currently with each player are compared with the corresponding value on the Potion Cards.
4. The player with the ingredient value nearest to the value on the Potion Card collects it!
5. First player to collect two Good Potion Cards wins the game!

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