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Monster's Party

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Taiwan, Province Of China

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In Monsters' Party, players will invite all kinds of cool and cute monsters to the party! Players will use their fingers to identify the secret code of each monster so that they may send out the correct invitations. Try your best to send out the most invitation letters to win!

Monsters' Party is a pattern-recognition and speed game and it can be played in cooperation or competition mode. Each monster cassette has 4 corners hiding 4 monsters with protruding dots forming different shapes. Use your fingers to find them out!

Develop eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity, enhance thinking skills, and social skills.

Concepts of Play Again Series

PLAY AGAIN series is specially designed for preschoolers, to provide a playful scenario for families to have fun. The game will enhance the parental relationship, and the parents will see how children learn while playing. There is no end to the learning and the fun.