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Max The Tomcat

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Bird, mouse and chipmunk are trying to reach their homes in the tree. Max the tomcat is hungry and will try to catch them! Together, the players take care of the little creatures.

Each creature knows its own shortcut. But… Max the tomcat knows them too! Fortunately, Max can be lured away with a tasty cat treat.

MAX THE TOMCAT is an exciting strategy game for children of all ages. They discuss with each other: Which animal should be brought home first? When will Max get a treat? And how do you feel when Max gets to pinch one of the little creatures?

CONTENTS: Game board, playing pieces (Max, bird, mouse, chipmunk and 4 cat treats), 2 special dies, game rules.

The box also contains a cute little butterfly. When you have played the base game and get a good understanding of the strategy, you can play with mini expansion with the butterfly.