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MathMagic is a board game created as “math Scrabble”. Comprising square tiles with 4  segments consisting of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 coloured  and numbered triangles.

The first player starts the game by joining 2 tiles making sure that the colours of the connecting tiles must match and the numbers are placed in the same readable orientation. The player then calculates his score based on the colours combined and the numbers printed in the segment – red with red + = divide, green = multiply, yellow = add and blue = subtract. As the game progresses, players will find opportunities to execute 2 side, 3 sided and occasionally 4 sided combinations. Cores are recorded after each move and the game ends when all the time have been played. Players then add up their scores and the player with the highest score wins the game. There may, be in rare occasions, instances when the last few tiles in hand may not be able to connect! In this situation, the player (with the un-used tile) will have to deduct the total of the 4 numbers from his total score to get his final score.

A comparatively easy to learn game, MathMagic helps children to master basic math operations through fun, play and challenge as players will not realize that they are actually making calculations as they play the “Game”.