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Macroscope - IG Awards 2017

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Macroscope is a truly international game. First stop: Denmark. Martin Nedergaard Andersen, an amazing game designer and a good friend of ours came-up with the idea and we liked it from the very beginning. We were set on making it happen!
Next stop: Russia. The only problem was - we were not sure how to make the device itself. In earlier prototypes we had a simple box with some holes punched in it. It was not an ideal solution from a production point of view. A few alterations later, the Macroscope you know today was born! We worked with four different illustrators (Irina Pechenkina, Maria Kaplieva, Oksana Dmitrienko, Alena Naumova) to make sure that we have different styles of drawings. Our team spent many days testing the game and making sure that all pictures are recognizable though not too simple. It was one of the most demanding games, but in the end we were very happy with the result!
Next stop: China. We produce our games at a specialized factory in China. They pay attention to details and their quality is very good.
Next stop: UK? Macroscope is already on the shelves in Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan. Will soon be released in USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia, China, Taiwan, Korea. Join us and the rest of the world! Play a game of Macroscope!

1. What does the game involve? 
Macroscope involves wits, imagination and a tiny bit of luck.

2. What skills can you build/gain from the game?
Pattern recognition, spatial/visual thinking.

3. What's your favourite tactic or are there any tricks you can teach us?
Always pay attention to the small arrow in the corner of the card. It shows the orientation of the picture and helps a great deal!