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Lord of the Chords: The Geekiest, Punniest Music Theory Card Game

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Lord of the Chords is a music theory card game for 2-4 players that teaches you hours of music theory in minutes - with puns and lots of fun.
Play Note cards in key to Complete Chords and claim Key Signature tiles! The first to claim 3 Keys wins! 
Play 1 of 13 Instrument Characters with special powers - the guitar can play power chords, the vocalist is immune to rests, while the chinese zither can abuse the pentatonic scale!
Action cards like I'll Be Bach draws cards from the discard pile, Chord Block slows down the competition, and Major 7th Steal allows you to steal a major chord when you add the major 7th to it!

The game primarily revolves around collecting note cards and combining them to form chords in a given key signature. On top of the main set collection mechanic, the game also includes Action cards that are hilarious and powerful, like Pachelbel's Cannon, which damages other players' instruments, and Chopin, which chops up chords.