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Letter Go

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United States

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Each round, players write words on their whiteboards using the available letter cards, but they only score points for the cards they are able to claim before their opponents. Words only score if the player follows the ever-changing and zany Letter GO! rules. The player who scores the most points at the end of five rounds wins.

Players write words on whiteboards using letters from a limited set of letter cards. They have to be fast, as they can only score points for cards they can claim before their opponents.

You need fast thinking and spelling skills to pick up on what letters to use for your word. Handwriting is the basis for creating your word, but you may find you need to complete tasks like drawing or writing in a funny way. It's great practice with words for kids who are just learning, and fun brain exercise for players of all ages.

Since the first person to use a word scores points for all letters, it's good idea to use some of the less-common letters to make your words. If you're running last, you might have time to think!

Some of the rules for each round can be zany - like singing your word or drawing hats on each letter. These are fun to try with new players.