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Lampogo 3

Lampogo 3

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United Kingdom

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Lampogo 3 is a game of fun, fast paced number puzzles. Each player has a set of digit counters that they must place in the right position to solve the puzzle. Once you have solved the puzzle you shout ‘Lampogo!’ and take the card. The object of the game is to collect as many cards as possible. You can play Lampogo 3 competitively, collaboratively, or you can even play it solo. Lampogo 3 is an educational game that has been designed to support: number bonds, addition, subtraction, number sense, problem solving and mathematical confidence.

The game involves selecting the correct digits that either add or take away to make an answer. However, it is a lot trickier than it might first seem because each puzzle has 3 inter-connected calculations. You are actually solving 3 simultaneous equations! Which is actually secondary school level maths, but in Lampogo 3 it is presented in a fun, colourful, hands on way that means that primary school children can not only have a go, but can actually develop strategies to become adept at solving these puzzles!

Lampogo 3 is designed to support mathematical fluency, problem solving and confidence. In terms of fluency, the game requires a high number of single digit calculations to be carried out. As these calculations are simple, most pupils will be able to complete them, which makes the game accessible, and because they have to carry out a lot of these calculations, it will help them improve their speed. Also, because the pupils are trying to solve a puzzle and are emotionally invested in the game, it gives a sense of purpose and engagement that helps build fluency and that can’t be replicated by a worksheet.