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Kung-Fu Zoo

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United States

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If you hung around your local zoo after closing time – long after the last employee had gone home for the night – you just might see the greatest, and most secret of all zoo attractions: late-night Kung Fu fights! Welcome to Kung-Fu Zoo, a zany dice-flicking dexterity game for 2-4 players. You control a team of highly-trained animals—cheetahs, elephants, gorillas, or zebras—in a Kung Fu battle against your rivals. You win the game by knocking all of your opponent’s animals into cages or onto their backs. Who will be tonight’s champion of the zoo? Grab some dice and find out!

Flicking and rolling dice, representing animals, at your opponents. You win by knocking all of your opponent's animals into cages, or onto their backs. The game builds spatial reasoning skills as players aim their dice to knock other animals into the pen. The dice flicking also adds a fine motor skill component as players need to flick thoughtfully to aim well. It's a good idea to keep the location of your other dice in mind - it's easier than you think to knock your own animals in!

We love the creative art for the Kung Foo Zoo animals. It's popular to bring out at family gatherings for several members of the WizKids team - it's fun to hear about family members ages 8 to 88 playing the game together at Christmas!