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Jeunesse Farm

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Best IG Game of the Year (BIGGY): 


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Korea, Republic Of

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Jeunesse Farm is a memory game for activating brain function based on neural plasticity. In this game, you need good memory and earnest management skills to build the richest farm, through all four seasons. Also, you have to trade for your profits as high as you can.

On your turn you will choose and flip an action tile face up, apply its action, and then flip the tile face down again. Each tile has a specific farm management function: buy, sell, etc. The tiles will be shuffled from time to time. You should remember and pay attention to the position of the tiles, so that you can use the right action on your turn. The goal is to get the best resources among produce and livestock, and to trade them for your profits as high as you can. The game ends on the winter, the farmer who collected the most cash wins the game.