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I Learn on my Way to Reception

I Learn on my Way to Reception - IG Awards 2017

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Grow with Jumbo. With the series I learn...' children exercise certain skills in a fun way. The games are developed in collaboration with professionals and are in line with the school curriculum and perceptions of the child. Practice at home what you will learn at school!
With ‘I learn on my way to Reception’ children learn in a fun and entertaining way to count from 1 to 5, the alphabet, to name colours, and to recognise shapes & silhouettes. Once children reach three years of age, they begin to prepare for school and ‘I learn on my way to Reception’ is designed to support this in 20 educational based games, to be played alone or with others.
The 20 games are in line with the various topics that your child will be and is learning about during the first school year. Your child can learn colours, shapes with the 5 lotto cards (7 games to play), learn letters with the animal alphabet (8 games to play), learn numbers with the shopping basket puzzles (4 games to play) and the large farm game that the whole family can enjoy playing together.
All the games include a specially designed self-correcting system, so that your child will learn the right and wrong answers for themselves, as the games become more challenging. The instructions that are enclosed in the box are mainly intended for parents since the children will need some supervision in the beginning to understand the exercises. It is therefore important that you first explain what they need to do before starting a game. The games follow a logical sequence, becoming progressively more difficult. It is advisable to start with game 1.
These games are suitable for children aged 3 years and above, and can be enjoyed on your own or played with friends and family.