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I Learn Maths

I Learn Maths - IG Awards 2017

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With 'I Learn Maths’ children learn counting, adding and subtracting in a fun and entertaining way to recognise numbers, find numbers to match pictures, learn the sums and expand their knowledge. All sums have been carefully chosen and are in line with the curriculum of four year old. The specially designed number matching system ensures that children can practise adding and subtracting with the ‘I Learn Maths’ independently.
The instructions that are enclosed in the box are mainly intended for parents since the children will need some supervision in the beginning to understand the exercises. It is therefore important that you first explain what they need to do before starting with a game. The cards follow a logical sequence, becoming progressively more difficult. The games that your child can play with the ‘I Learn Maths’ are; We’re going to count!, We’re going to add them up!, We’re going to subtract them!, Which number is missing?, Which number should be here?, and Which number is twice as much?(for older or more experienced children).
In the box you will find 15 cards, with 83 exercises on with 6 different levels; counting, adding, subtracting, recognise numbers, read numbers, and multiplying. All cards and pieces can be neatly packed away in the handy carry case, so children can easily take the game when on the move. With ‘I Learn Maths’ you can practise at home what you learn at school!
Grow with Jumbo. With the series 'I Learn...' children exercise certain skills in a fun way. The games are developed in collaboration with professionals and are in line with the school curriculum and perceptions of the child. Practice at home what you will learn at school! This educational game is suitable for children aged 4 years and above.