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History Heroes: SPACE

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United Kingdom

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A Space quiz card game to entertain and educate all from 8 – 80+ about who made and shaped the history of Space Exploration, how and when.

Players try to win the cards by guessing who the characters are from the facts read out on their cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.  Knowledge, literacy and memory are all skills that can be developed with this great game!

The facts on each card range from green, easiest to red, most difficult with a quirky joker fact. Different players can choose different levels of fact to guess from within the game. That way you can make the game a level playing field for all playing: easier for those just learning and harder for the ‘smartypants’ in the game! Alternatively, if everyone has the same level of knowledge, start reading from the bottom, joker fact, upwards and the first person to guess correctly wins the card. Alternatively, you can go completely random and play with a dice so that you have to answer the number question on the card, relating to the same number on the dice.

We found ourselves on holiday in the same place as a family of three boys, who played the game throughout the week. The youngest, 6 year old, knew only one card at the start of the week – Neil Armstrong. Every day he would add a few more cards to his ‘armoury’ by playing the game. By the end of the week, he was more knowledgeable than we were about SPACE! 

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