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History Heroes Medicine Makers

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United Kingdom

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Piece together the puzzle and the journey from 1756 when medicine was still based on guesswork and superstition and Joseph Fry sold chocolate as a tonic from his apothecary. Packed with facts, the fantastically illustrated jigsaw leads you to 1953 when Crick and Watson determined the double-helix structure of DNA.

Meet 14 highlighted History Heroes along the way, such as Edward Jenner, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole, Louis Pasteur, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming and Rosalind Franklin, who shaped and changed our knowledge of medicine and health together with some of the major global, scientific and technological events that helped shape that journey too. Along the way too, discover when important vaccines were invented and meet the Syrian hamster, who became the ancestor of all pet golden hamsters today!

The jigsaw timeline is in the shape of the double-helix and underscores the significance to us all of understanding the developments in medicine, science and technology, ever more so today.

A great, fun puzzle for all ages to put together and learn so much more about who made science history, how and when

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