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Great Game Of Britain

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United Kingdom

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The Great Game of Britain is a nostalgic race around the historic railway networks of Britain. Choose your 6 secret destination cards and get ready for an exciting trip! The winner is the first person to commute from the main line station of their choice to their 6 secret destinations – so be sure to plan a very clever and careful trip around Britain. Roll a 6 on the die and open or close a station of your choice, watch out for the hazards, every time you change a line you must pick one up, sending you exactly where you don’t want to go! So stoke the engines boiler and get ready for a fast and furious race around Britain’s railway networks. It’s easy to play and great fun, time and time again.

The Great Game Of Britain is a great way to learn about geography and the history of Britain and some of its famous land marks. Planning skills and how to plan a route and also how to work around obstacles.

The signal counters and the Hazard cards give you the opportunities to delay the other players. It is in your interest to delay them as much as possible and the further advanced they are in their journey, the more places they have already visited, the more they will have to be delayed. Therefore, it is only natural that players will select as their “victim” to delay the player closest to winning.

Families have enjoyed playing this game since the 1980s!