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Going Around The City

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Taiwan, Province Of China

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You are traveling around the city by using transportation cards to visiting a variety of attractions. The earlier you can get to an attraction, the more victory points you can get. But be careful not going too far in case you don’t have the suitable travel card to get you back on the route!

Going Around the City is a play-and-move game that challenges young players to carefully plan their movement based on their hand cards and the route they want to travel. The game ends when someone has placed all of their six scoring tokens on the board and the player with the most points wins!

Develop math, learn to plan ahead, learn alternate outcomes, enhance thinking skills, and social skills.


Concepts of Play Again Series

PLAY AGAIN series is specially designed for preschoolers, to provide a playful scenario for families to have fun. The game will enhance the parental relationship, and the parents will see how children learn while playing. There is no end to the learning and the fun. Play Again series contain 4 games for kids aged 4 or up. In this series, each game is specialized in different aspects to develop a variety of the skills among young players, which include color and pattern recognition, rhyme and gesture coordination, sense of touch enhancement, as well as spatial and route planning.