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Go Slow

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Don’t rush, and you’ll get there! Nowhere does this rule apply more than in the world of snail racing. All you have to do is become a snail trainer, tempt the snail with vegetables, and win the champion’s title. So, on your marks - get ready, steady, SLOW!

This is a fun board game with 3D elements, based on ingenuity and paradoxical logic - be slowest to win. It develops children’s’ creative thinking, introduce to vegetables and teaches them a well-recognized strategy to slow down in order to win.

Go Slow has a great table presence. It is easy for children to play and understand. Also, great fun for the parents to spend time with their youngsters while teaching them to be creative and make first strategic decisions. 

Game trick:  be the slowest on veggie bed to win! Number of moves on the cards are marked in dots for kids, not yet familiar with numbers, and actually with numbers.