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Games from the Deep, Dark Wood - 4 games in 1

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United Kingdom

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‘Games from the Deep, Dark Wood’ is a set of four original games inspired by The Gruffalo book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. There is a dexterity game, a memory game, a card collecting game and a pattern recognition game all in one box. It is already proving very popular with families with young children and seasoned gamers alike.

‘Games from the Deep, Dark Wood’ is a set of four original games in one box. Inspired by the book ‘The Gruffalo’ by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler each game draws on ideas from that adventure.

‘What’s A Gruffalo?’ is a memory game. Each player has a board showing The Gruffalo and ten tiles of their colour with parts of The Gruffalo showing. These are scattered face down. In a turn a player turns over a card which shows the parts needed this round. So players look for ‘purple prickles’ or ‘orange eyes’ by turning over one of their tiles. If it is the right piece it can be placed on the board, otherwise it stays where it is – but players must remember what they have seen. It will be needed later in the game. The player to place all ten tiles and complete their Gruffalo first wins.

‘Oh Help! Oh No!’ is a dexterity game. The boards are combined to make a large woodland scene. Each player has 5 mouse tokens. A card is turned up which shows where on the scene their mouse should hide – the rocks, the old trees etc. Players throw their mouse tokens onto the boards. If they land in the right place they stay. If they miss take them back. The first player to hide their five mice on the board wins.

‘His eyes are orange…’ is a set collecting card game. In the book Mouse meets Fox, Owl and Snake and scares them off with his description of The Gruffalo. In this game players are collecting three cards for each animal to complete that description. Collect the cards that say ‘His eyes are orange…’ , ‘His tongue is black’ and ‘He has purple prickles all down his back.’ Read the cards and earn a mouse token. The first to five tokens wins. It’s great fun and oh dear – it all helps the younger players practice their reading skils. You can choose if you want to tell them.

‘The Deep, Dark Wood’ is a pattern recognition game. You are all given cards to add to a growing path through the woods. Can you place your card to match The Gruffalo image or the woodland image? If you place it that’s good. If you can’t go discard a card and pick a new one up. The first to play all their cards wins.