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Fun Genes

Fun Genes - IG Awards 2017

Best Family Game Award: 


Best Literacy Game Award: 


Young Einsteins Award: 


Players Choice Award: 


Country of origin: 

United Kingdom

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Learn while you play with 'Fun Genes' - there are 40 wooden blocks with 240 fun, simple but advanced educational images and ideas to create!

These new and exciting revoluntionary wooden block sets promote learning through play, with the aim of enhancing the IQ level of younger generations. These blocks use colourful pictures to introduce new concepts to children as they play, as well as promoting a plethora of educational and logic enhancing concepts in an extremely fun, imaginative and ingenious way.

The simple, yet sophisticated set of wooden cube blocks is decorated with educational, interesting pictures and designs that help stimulate children's mind and encourage their curiosity, learning and mental development while they play. The set contains 40 wooden blocks that are designed for play, building and stacking, and each block has a different image on each face - giving a total of 240 fun, educational images to capture your child's imagination. Children can spend hours playing with the Fun Genes set, whilst learning a broad range on concepts, including:

  • ABC alphabet images, schooling and colours
  • Numbers and counting in various forms, including basic mathematical and arithmetical concepts, and various species of animals and music
  • Professions, family concepts, super kids, the senses, emotions and leisure activities
  • Shapes, sports and telling the time in hours and minutes
  • Flags, meals, fruits, vegetables, nature and planets
  • Weather, time of day, months, days of the week, organisms, science, transport & safety.