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Flip A Zoo

Flip A Zoo

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Oh no, the naughty monkeys have let all the animals escape and they are hiding in the zoo. It is up to you to find the animals and bring them back to their cages. But the monkeys have some crazy rules. They don't want you to bring 2 of the same animals back at the same time and that's just the beginning! Do you want to help the monkeys to lock up all the animals again?

Flip-a-Zoo is game that grows with your children due to different difficulty levels. The easiest mode is playable starting from 4 years old, but by adding more interesting choices the game will remain interesting for many years. The full game is playable starting from 8 years old.

Flip-a-Zoo is a reverse memory game. You DON’T want to find a matching pair (every tile is 3 times in the game). It is a push-your-luck game with some memory aspects. In your turn you can flip as many tiles as you want, but if you find a matching pair you should immediately stop and flip all tiles back down. As a result the other player can try to remember to locations of the animals you just revealed. If you stop before you revealed a pair, you can collect all tiles you flipped.

This is the basic game for the youngest children. You can add rules to keep the game interesting for older children:
- If you find 3 tiles in the same color you also have to stop your turn
- You can put a monkey on a tile after you had to flip it back down so it is protected and other players can’t take it before it is your turn again.
- Instead of just collecting the most tiles you have to count points at the end of the game. If you have one tile of an animal, you score 1 point. If you have 2, you score 5 points. If you have all 3 of them you don’t score any points.

There is also a bonus game included. This is a pure memory game. Each round you draw a tile and show it to everyone. You can keep it or you can point to another player you think already has a tile with the same animal. If you are right you also get the tile from the opponent. If you are wrong, you have to give your tile to the opponent you accused. When all tiles are gone, the player with the most tiles wins.