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Flicky Spaceships

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United Kingdom

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Flicky Spaceships is an award winning 20-60 minute game of strategy, skill, resource management and card buying for 2-4 players aged 8+.

Pilot your spaceship around the galaxy with finesse or brute force. Grab supplies from the planets, asteroids and alien worlds you land on, and use them to buy upgrades for your ship - propelling you to victory.

By flicking your ship you’ll smash into strange worlds (and other players) to collect useful resources matching the hex you are on.  But here's the important bit – during your turn, you collect your resource first and flick second. This means that the other players get the chance to smash into your ship, leaving you in completely the wrong place!  Once you have the right combination of resources you can spend them on Upgrade cards to improve your ship...

There are different 'technology sets' of upgrade cards, each with their own theme.  The red 'Smash' upgrades give you bonuses for smashing onto other spaceships. Pull off a fancy trick-shot and you could smash multiple enemies with a single flick.  The green 'Search' upgrades help you gather resources faster. Look out for some clever combos!  The blue 'Score' upgrades provide a quick route to Victory Points. Good choices if your flicking skills are lacking!

In all there are 12 different upgrades to pick from, each worth different amounts of victory points at the end of the game. In addition, Victory Point tokens can be taken from a central pool for the successful use of certain upgrades. The game ends when a fixed number of upgrades have been bought or the victory point pool is exhausted.

There is a clever, interlocking board edge that stops your ship flying off into deep space (unless you get your flick really wrong!), while the double-sided board sections alter the difficulty and offer hundreds of possible layouts!