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Firemaster - Smart Book

Firemaster Book

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IT’S UP TO YOU: In this Choose Your Own Adventure Book the course of the story depends on your decisions & smartness. Look forward to an entirely new reading experience and challenging puzzles. The Firemaster counts on you!

2-IN-1 ADVENTURE & ACTIVITY BOOK: Firemaster is not only a captivating interactive adventure but also a brainteasing activity book with tricky mazes & maths games.

AUGMENTED REALITY: Wouldn’t it be great, if our kids would read more? And wouldn’t it be terrific, if they could learn to use new media in a meaningful way? Firemaster the answer is! This magic augmented reality adventure brings back the joy of reading and puzzling to girls and boys, using fascinating state-of-the-art technology.

IDEAL TOY: Firemaster is more than a book. It is both smart book & toy made to delight children from 9 – 13 years old. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or the start of a new school year.

PERFECT TRAVEL GAME: All you need is your Firemaster Smart Book and a smartphone or tablet. The optimal kids activity for long car rides & flights.