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Emotify - IG Game Awards 2017

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Introducing Emotify! Emoticons are the language of the future, and now there’s a game: Emotify!
With six exciting categories – Leisure, People, Places, Actions, Brands and Friends. Learn the language of emoticons and win the game! Are you ready to face the Emotify Challenge?
The Emotify Challenge allows you to get creative and use the double-sided EMOTIS to sequence together Brand names, Actions, Friends, Places, Leisure activities and famous People! Can you use the dancer, a monkey covering his eyes and a laughing poo EMOTI to create an answer your team will guess correctly?
To start playing the Emotify Game, form two teams. Each team takes 10 EMOTIS from the bag, and in turn, a player from each team spins the wheel to determine the category: Leisure, People, Places, Actions, Brands or Friends. Turn the timer over, and your chosen player makes a sequence out of your 10 double-sided EMOTIS to see if your team can guess the answer. If they guess correct, you discard the used EMOTIS, but if they guessed wrong, they have to take as many EMOTIS from the bag as they have used during their turn. The first team to discard all their EMOTIS wins!
The game includes 2 Screens, 350 double-sided EMOTI chips, 1 spinning wheel, 1 timer, 1 bag, 2 writing boards and 2 erasable felt-top pens.
The fantastic Emotify game is suitable 4-20 players and for children aged 10 and above.