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Dragon's Breath - The Hatching (HABA)

Dragon's Breath - The Hatching

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Oh no! The nest, complete with dragon egg and sparkling stones, is frozen inside an ice column! Help Dragon Mom melt the thick layer of ice, but be careful that the egg doesn’t fall out of the nest! Earn points by collecting the fallen sparkling stones and placing them on your amulets. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

This is a stand alone game with new rules but can be combined with Dragon’s Breath, adding a 5th player and new rules.

Contents: 3 ice rings, 35 sparkling stones (7 each in 5 colors), 1 dragon egg, 1 nest tile, 1 Dragon Mom, 1 treasure chest, 48 amulet cards, 1 rulebook.
Short game instructions:1. Build a nest by stacking the rings on the tile and filling the rings with sparkling stones. Place the dragon egg on top of the nest.
2. One player is the Dragon Mom. The other players are the dragon children and lay 3 amulet cards face-up in front of them.
3. Dragon Mom carefully takes off the 3 rings one after the other without the egg falling down. If the sparkling stones fall down, the dragon children and Dragon Mom can take these stones in turn. Dragon children place matching stones on their amulet cards.
4. After the 3rd ring, the nest is rebuilt and the next player is the Dragon Mom.
5. Once everyone has been the Dragon Mom once, the game is over. Filled amulet cards give points. The player with the most points wins!