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Doughnut Dash

Best IG Game of the Year (BIGGY): 


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United Kingdom

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You are the boss of a small-time gang of doughnut thieves!

The best pickings are found at the world-famous Holesome Indoughstries factory, winner of the prestigious Jammy Fingers Award. But with a recent sprinkling of thievery, Holesome Indoughstries have made some changes to the factory floor in an attempt to frostrate would-be thieves.

Now, you’ve hacked into the surveillance system and put your two finest pilferers on the ground. Help them snatch the cream of the crop while avoiding the sticky fingers of rival gangs. Manoeuvre your gang of two thieves to steal doughnuts from the factory floor and from other thieves.

The player who has the most valuable stack of doughnuts at the end of the game wins!