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Diversity Deck - Magnetosphere

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United Kingdom

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Our DIVERSITY DECKS® sow the seeds of sustainability whilst sparking curiosity. For those eager to learn more, each card has its own unique factsheet on our website, providing individuals with the opportunity to delve deeper into the science of sustainability!

DIVERSITY DECK® is a collection of 16 card decks, covering different scientific topics, from good bacteria to the telluric planets, from hydrosphere to polar animals. Each deck centres around sustainability and aims to sensitise individuals to its importance, whilst also providing valuable insights into what we can do both collectively and individually, to make a real difference, now and in the future.

Many classic card games like Crazy Eights or Black Jack can be played with each DIVERSITY DECK®. Each game varies in difficulty, so there really is a game for everyone! Our special cards, Calamity and Parry, add even more fun and strategic problem solving to the games.

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