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City Of Zombies Ultimate Edition (3rd Edition)

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United Kingdom

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City of Zombies - You need BRAINS to survive!
Aliens are invading and turning everyone in the City into Zombies, team up with friends and family to stop the advancing Zombies from reaching and overrunning your Safe Zone.  Defend the Barricade that’s protecting the Safe Zone until the Rescue Plane lands to Win the game.
City of Zombies is a ‘Maths by Stealth’ dice game where players must work together against the game to win.
Players take it in turn to roll 3 battle dice which can then be used individually or combined together to make a sum that equals the big number on a Zombie card (a Zombie’s Strength). When this happens the Zombie hit is removed from play. With clever use of the dice more than one Zombie can be removed at a time. 
Once everyone has had a turn any Zombies left on the board advance and a new row of Zombies appear! 
Players can score Bonus Points by saving Survivors! 
Play starts with 6 Survivors cards in the Safe Zone, and more Survivors can be added by clearing all the Zombies on the board. Each Survivor saved is worth 1 point, but watch out! Zombies that reach the Barricade eat Survivors!
Making maths fun for everyone!
Children love the game because it has many layers, the maths involved are non-threatening, it can be played using very simple maths, such as adding and subtracting, or more complex maths operation including multiplication, dividing, squaring and square roots. 
The game is fast and fun and rewards players as their math skills improve.
Players of different maths abilities can play together at the same time, and learn new maths skills through cooperative play.
The game encourages communication and discussion of a wide range of calculation strategies, it is both a teaching resource and a powerful assessment tool for teachers and educators.
The Ultimate Edition introduces 4 Difficulty Levels, BeginnerAdvancedExpert and Master 
Higher levels of play introduce Negative Numbers and Cubing.
The Ultimate Edition features a larger variety of Zombies, including Prime Numbers, and all new Items which can be collected to allow players to change their dice rolls or a Zombies strength, with some items even change the rules!
The Ultimate Edition was inspired by feedback and suggestions from teachers, educators, Imagination Gaming and the children themselves.
Imagination Gaming
"In 2014 my first game City of Zombies won Gold in the Imagination Gaming Awards for Best Family Game, Best Numeracy Game and claimed the coveted Player’s Choice Award.
Winning these awards has been a fantastic experience for me and has helped me tremendously. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chris, Nigel and the team at Imagination Gaming who have helped me develop and improve each new edition of City of Zombies. Their support, help and continued advice has been invaluable - thank you guys!”