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Chop! Chop!

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OBJECT: For the mice: to collect the 10 pieces of cheese. For the cat: to catch the 4 mice before they collect all the pieces of cheese.

Once you have assembled the table and placed the tiles randomly on the floor, determine which player will be the cat and which one(s) will be the mice. The mice play together against the cat. The mice players can play any mouse on their turn. On your turn, you advance the number of squares corresponding to the result of the dice and turn over the tile on the square on which you land. Then carry out the action indicated on the tile (cheese, broken plate, +1, +2, a Super Move, etc.). When a mouse turns up a piece of cheese: she keeps it. If the cat lands exactly on a square occupied by a mouse, he catches it! The first team to accomplish its objective wins the game.

+++ A semi-cooperative game.