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Can You Hear Me?

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Korea, Republic Of

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Can you hear me? is an emotional storytelling game that is developed to exercise social coping skills by empathizing with other’s feelings. Through storytelling, the player should read facial expressions that match the subject of the story from the various facial expressions of the characters. Facial expression is an important element of reading emotions, and it is also a clue of mutual interaction that establishes the relationships with others. This game is designed to train the general emotional system according to situations through storytelling, and to enhance the ability to build a social relation network. It provides a training process to read emotions from character’s (four members of a family) facial expressions that fit the theme.

The player who collects the most tokens by reading emotions correctly wins the game. Each player should listen well to explanation of other players’ situation, look for the appropriate facial expression on the Emotion tiles that fits the story, and place a token on that tile. It is not about one’s own feelings, but listening to the other's emotion and sympathizing. To find their faces on Emotion tiles accurately is what determines the victory.