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Business on the Move

Business on the Move - IG Awards 2017

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United Kingdom

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Players run one of four competing freight businesses moving different products from China to the UK by land, air and sea as quickly, profitably and environmentally responsibly as they can. Players must make the same decisions businesses make every day. How do I deliver? Will I make a profit? How should I grow? How can I cut my carbon footprint?
Players must complete deliveries in order to finance expanding investment in planes, ships, trains and trucks. Just as in the real world of international trade players must respond to a wide variety of challenges along the way, whether they originate from competitors’ actions or unpredictable natural events such as a tsunami or a volcanic ash cloud.
As teachers we recognised Business on the Move would need to be extremely versatile, relevant to different subjects and sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of widely differing learners. Business on the Move can therefore be played at seven different levels, including at the higher end such aspects as palletisation, reverse logistics and cash flow.