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Bugs On Rugs

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In Bugs on Rugs, you are trying to acquire the most valuable insect collection around. Each turn, two bug cards for each player plus one are placed on the table face up. In turn order players select one bug to add to their hand. The last player takes two bugs and then the draft reverses so that all other players take a second bug in reverse turn order. There will always be one bug left over which goes to the Wall and unlocks its Wall Power. This might force players to discard a card, or pass one to the left, or some other action. At the end of the game, the bugs players have collected are scored. Each different type of bug has a different scoring method. For example, Ladybugs are worth 25 points if you have exactly four of them, otherwise they're worth one point each. Ants are worth five or three points each if you have the most or second most of them, but otherwise they're worth one point each. The player with the most points wins!