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BrainBox English

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United Kingdom

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Grammar, punctuation and spelling: let’s face it, important as they are, these have never been the easiest topics to make fun – until now! Let BrainBox English come to rescue, helping you sort out problems from prepositions, adverbs from apostrophes and synonyms from syllables.

Take a card from the box and turn the timer over. Study the picture card until the 10 second timer runs out. Pass the card to another player and roll the die. You must then answer the appropriate question. (e.g. if you roll a 2, you must answer question 2). The other player reads the question and your answer is checked by looking at the front of the card. If correct, you keep the card. If incorrect, you return the card to the BrainBox and the next player chooses a card! The player with the most cards after 10 minutes’ wins!